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#2 – Logic´s RTA

No acustic treatment in your room ? Sitting in a other logic based project studio with different monitor speakers and you don´t know how your mix will translate?

Get visual help from a Real Time Analyzer (RTA)!

It measures and displays the frequency spectrum of your work.

You will find a factory RTA in the  “MultiMeter” (insert -> utility -> multimeter) but not as fast and easy to understand like the RTA of Logic´s “Channel EQ”


Set Up

1. 2 Bus (Output) -> last insert -> Channel EQ

2. Turn on the Analyzer Button

3. Change the resolution to high (4096 Points)

– Hidden Menu (Bottom) –

4. Set Analyzer Mode to peak

5. Set Analyzer Decay to your taste


Create a new logic session just for your own reference tracks and get used to the RTA.

In Use:

How to read Pink – Raise Your Glas

(produced by Max Martin and Shellback /mixed by Serban Ghenea):


– Rhythm Guitar Intro ( around -10 db from 180 Hz – 4800 Hz)

– Kick Drum ( Peak around +15 and +20 db at 60 Hz)

– Low Mids (intersection around 0 db at 200 Hz)

– Vocal Verse ( Peak around 0 db at 500 – 2500 Hz)

– Vocal Hook (Peak around +10 db at 500 – 3000 Hz)

– High Mids Hook ( Peak around – 10 db at 5 khz)

– Highs Hook (Peak around -5 db at 10 khz)

– Airs belong to itunes because it was a mp3



#1 – Favourite Setting as Default

Tired of Logic´s “default” settings ?

How cool would it be just to insert one of your favourite plug-ins with your most used setting already in it?


Set Up

(You might save the factory default as e.g. “Factory Default”)

1. Choose your parameters


2. Select “Save Setting As” and save it as #default


Special thanks to David of Logic Pro Help for sharing his knowledge!

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