#2 – Logic´s RTA

No acustic treatment in your room ? Sitting in a other logic based project studio with different monitor speakers and you don´t know how your mix will translate?

Get visual help from a Real Time Analyzer (RTA)!

It measures and displays the frequency spectrum of your work.

You will find a factory RTA in the  “MultiMeter” (insert -> utility -> multimeter) but not as fast and easy to understand like the RTA of Logic´s “Channel EQ”


Set Up

1. 2 Bus (Output) -> last insert -> Channel EQ

2. Turn on the Analyzer Button

3. Change the resolution to high (4096 Points)

– Hidden Menu (Bottom) –

4. Set Analyzer Mode to peak

5. Set Analyzer Decay to your taste


Create a new logic session just for your own reference tracks and get used to the RTA.

In Use:

How to read Pink – Raise Your Glas

(produced by Max Martin and Shellback /mixed by Serban Ghenea):


– Rhythm Guitar Intro ( around -10 db from 180 Hz – 4800 Hz)

– Kick Drum ( Peak around +15 and +20 db at 60 Hz)

– Low Mids (intersection around 0 db at 200 Hz)

– Vocal Verse ( Peak around 0 db at 500 – 2500 Hz)

– Vocal Hook (Peak around +10 db at 500 – 3000 Hz)

– High Mids Hook ( Peak around – 10 db at 5 khz)

– Highs Hook (Peak around -5 db at 10 khz)

– Airs belong to itunes because it was a mp3


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